Alitec Augers

Alitec Augers are designed with a planetary drive system for durability and use in hard soils. Models are available for every application, hole size, ground condition and type of skid steer. High-flow models are designed for heavy industrial use - boring up to 20-feet.

Dual-angle teeth offer 40- or 50-degree attack angle and are secured with a lug and bolt attachment. Tooth options are available for standard drilling, abrasive soil/impact, and rock/abrasive soil.

Part No. Case Drain Flow Range (gpm) PSI
HA15EBOA No 15-25 1500-3750
HA20EBOA No 20-30 1500-3750
HA30EBOA Yes 30-40 1500-5000
HA35EBOA Yes 35-45 1500-5000

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