Alitec Cold Planers

Alitec Cold Planer for skid steer models with auxiliary hydraulics. Includes electric solenoid valve for remote cylinder actuation. Wiring harness sold separately. Features include hydraulic depth up to 8 inches, dual depth cylinders and debris guards. Welded to American Welding Society standards.

Ideal uses include asphalt and concrete, curb cuts, butt joints, pothole repair, texture pavement for skid resistance, milling of frost heaves in pavement, re-establish proper drainage characteristics of pavement, remove asphalt around manholes and storm drains prior to overlay, and more!

Model No. Flow (gpm) PSI Drum Width (in.) No. of Picks Max. Tilt
CP12LFA 13-23 1500-3000 12 36 ±19°
CP16ATCALITEC 22-32 2000-3500 16 44 ±15°
CP18ATDALITEC 25-32 2000-3500 18 48 ±15°
CP24ATDALITEC 28-32 2200-3500 24 62 ±15°

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