Central Fabricator “X” Series

Woods Construction excavator buckets carry the Wain-Roy and Central Fabricators brands -- and their reputations for extreme durability and high quality workmanship. All buckets are made from high-strength US steel, with T1-grade steel used in high-wear areas, as needed, for added durability. We offer excavator buckets in a range of class sizes from 12MT to 80MT.

Need a smaller excavator bucket? See our Compact Excavator section.

Bigger? We excel at bigger. Check out the Mining and Mass Excavation Buckets.

Our Wain-Roy and CF excavator buckets fit every popular OEM brand prime mover from Bobcat® to Yanmar®.

CF X150 has a heavier design than most OEM standard buckets. For use in soils containing low percentages of rock, loam and sand.

CF X250 is for use in more demanding excavating conditions with high levels of clay gravel, compacted soils and loose rock.

CF X350 is designed for abrasive and high impact applications in shot rock coral, stratified materials, caliche , and highly compacted material. Shown here with optional side cutters.

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