Mining and Mass Excavation Buckets

Central Fabricators (CF®) has been building buckets for mining and mass excavation applications for nearly 20 years. We are the second largest producer of these large buckets in North America. CF bucket sizes range from 6 to 50 cubic yards and our buckets are used in numerous mining and mass excavation projects around the world.

We routinely produce large buckets for the Hitachi EX1200, EX1900, EX2500, EX3600, and EX5500 sized machines and we build buckets for other brands and similar size machines as well. CF buckets enjoy a well‑earned reputation for high productivity, high durability, and being rebuildable in extreme duty applications. Our current designs reflect numerous productivity and durability improvements based upon our many years of field experience.

Certain applications are more abrasive on welds; we’ve used our experience to protect these welds from premature erosion. We know just where to place additional material and wear protection so the bucket provides a longer service life. CF design and manufacturing expertise makes each bucket structurally stronger, which provides long structural integrity. We also manufacture our buckets to be more easily rebuildable in the field.

There are many critical manufacturing approaches required to properly produce buckets with large material thickness; CF has the necessary equipment, processes, and trained people to make these buckets endure in the field. Our buckets are produced by certified welders. We use our wealth of field feedback and Finite Element Analysis by our engineers to improve and confirm our design concepts.

We have numerous repeat customers ... the best possible testimony to the value and satisfaction our customers enjoy with our large CF mining and mass excavation buckets.

There are numerous features incorporated into our design that allow the bucket to be tailored to the specific application. There are other companies that make an occasional large bucket every two or three years, but if you need a large 6 – 50 cubic yard bucket, see your Woods Construction dealer. We make large buckets every week, every month ... we know large buckets.

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