Alitec Pallet Forks

Alitec Pallet Forks provide a wide variety of styles to match your application. These forks utilize certified forged steel tines for long life and the integral center load point allows for safe lifting and machine tie-down. Standard clevis for lifting from a single, secure point on the frame with same lift capacity as the fork tines. Compatible with Skid Steer (ISO 24410) Quick Attach Systems.

View the Alitec Walk-thru Pallet Fork spec sheet now.

Model No. Lift Cap. (lbs.) Fork Tine Size (in.) Frame Type
PFW2242S 2200 42 Walk-thru
PFW4442S 4400 42 Walk-thru
PF4448S 4400 48 Full Frame
PFW4448S 4400 48 Walk-thru
PFW6648S 6600 48 Walk-thru

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