Alitec Pavement Saws

Alitec Pavement Saws are adaptable to all skid steer loaders with high-flow hydraulic capacity, replacing more cumbersome self-propelled units. Features include a 9 inch cutting depth, hydraulic side-shift up to 22 inches and manual depth control. Hydraulic hoses are included. Optional electric wiring harness is also available.

The MD series for skid steer models with auxiliary hydraulics includes manual selector valve for remote cylinder actuation and manual depth control.

The HD series is the same as the MD series except with hydraulic depth control and electric solenoid valve for remote cylinder actuation.

The HDS/C series skid steers have single-circuit auxiliary hydraulics.

Ideal uses include asphalt patch cuts, expansion joints in pavement, pavement cuts for traffic loops and utility or municipal public works projects.

Model No. Flow (gpm) PSI No. of Picks Max Cutting Width
PS915MD 25-42 2250-3500 36 1-1/2
PS915HD 25-42 2250-3500 36 1-1/2
PS915HDS/C 25-42 2250-3500 36 1-1/2
PS925MD 25-42 2250-3500 28 2-1/2
PS925HD 25-42 2250-3500 28 2-1/2
PS925HDS/C 25-42 2250-3500 28 2-1/2
PS945MD 25-42 2250-3500 33 4-1/2
PS945HD 25-42 2250-3500 33 4-1/2
PS945HDS/C 25-42 2250-3500 33 4-1/2

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