Specialty Attachments

Woods Construction specialty attachments are branded Gannon, Wain-Roy and Central Fabricators and carry their reputations for extreme durability and high quality workmanship. Our selection includes grapples, material clamps, single point rippers, dozer and backfill blades for a range of primer movers: Compact excavators, TLBs, excavators and mining/mass excavation machines. Don't see what you want? Contact your Woods Construction dealer and ask. We also make custom buckets and attachments.

CF/Wain-Roy Single Point Rippers

Our Central Fabricators and Wain-Roy single point rippers are designed for the most demanding ripping applicitions of rock, clay, coral, and frost. Our standard design incorporates a heavy-duty OEM ear group mounting, and is available in many standard shank lengths and widths. CF and Wain-Roy rippers are manufactured with high strength steel shanks and can be custom designed to meet specific applications on equipment up to 280,000 lb (120MT).


single point ripper

CF/Wain-Roy Heavy-Duty Thumbs/Material Clamps


Thumbs are used in conjunction with a bucket as an efficient method to handle bulk material in landscaping and clearing, demolition, recycling, waste management, utility, and general contracting applications. Our Central Fabricators and Wain-Roy thumbs offer pick and place movement of large, awkward objects such as boulders, stumps, pipe, logs, concrete slabs, and other debris. Several variations of thumb attachment methods and tines are available to meet specific requirements.

Wain-Roy Bucket with Thumb

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