Alitec Stump Grinders

Alitec Stump Grinders come with a telescoping head, requiring less re-positioning than fixed units. More cost effective, more maneuverable and less maintenance than tow-behind models. 16-inch cutting depth above or below ground. Choose manual or electro-hydraulic controls to easily manage swing, depth and extension in tight areas. This stump grinder provides 28-inch above ground and 16-inch below ground cutting height. Swing range is ±45°. Comes with 24 teeth.

Base Unit Model No. Case Drain No. of Bits Flow (gpm) PSI
SG20B No 24 12-25 2000-3000
SG40B No 24 20-30 2000-3500
SG60B Yes 24 30-42 2000-5000

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