Alitec Tillers

Alitec Tillers have a recessed drive motor allowing for easy maneuvering in tight spaces and, unlike competitive chain drive units; they have direct drive hydraulic motors that require no maintenance or adjustment. Broad widths increase productivity per pass, making walk-behind models obsolete. Offset mounting on TL52A model covers right side loader tracks when operating in reverse. Dual-drive motors power both ends eliminating rotor twist. Bi-directional tine rotation allows for tilling when the Skid Steer moves in forward or reverse.

Ideal for mixing soils for improved seed beds and soil stabilization, tilling construction sites, and tilling prior to landscaping.

Base Unit Model No. Min. Flow (gpm) PSI Cutting Width (in.) No. of Tines
TL52AALITEC 12-40 1800-3000 52 24
TL73AALITEC 18-40 2000-3000 73 36
TL84AALITEC 24-60 3000-4000 84 40

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