Alitec Vibratory Rollers

Alitec Vibratory Rollers are easily maneuvered in tight spaces and are much more affordable than walk-behind or ride-on models. Choose from two different drum profiles for different soil applications - smooth drum for light or sandy soils and padded sheepsfoot for heavy clay-type soils.

Hydraulic hoses and QD couplers included. Welded to American Welding Society standards.

Ideal for compact sand, gravel or dirt prior to asphalt or concrete overlay, compaction of sand, gravel or dirt when back-filling against new foundations and other concrete structures.

Model No. Working Width (in.) Flow (gpm) PSI Drum Type
VR48ASALITEC 48 11-23 1500-3200 Smooth
VR48ASALITEC 48 11-23 1500-3200 Padded
VR66ASALITEC 66 11-23 1500-3200 Smooth
VR66ASALITEC 66 11-23 1500-3200 Padded
VR73ASALITEC 73 11-23 1500-3200 Smooth
VR73ASALITEC 73 11-23 1500-3200 Padded
VR84ASALITEC 84 11-23 1500-3200 Smooth
VR84ASALITEC 84 11-23 1500-3200 Padded

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