General Purpose Loader Buckets (GP)

General Purpose Loader Buckets are for use with materials of a density range of 1,800 - 3,000 lbs. The Heavy-duty design and bucket material thickness ensures an extended life when the bucket is used with higher density material. They are functional for light-duty needs and rugged enough for many heavy-duty applications.

The new CF General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket is ideal for contractors, rental fleets, as well as farmers and municipalities. The replaceable, bolt-on skid shoes and cutting edges are easy to maintain and increase the longevity of your bucket. See the CF Wheel Loader Bucket spec sheet or see it in action now.

Light Material Loader Buckets (LM)

Light Material Loader Buckets are for use with materials of density less than 1,800 lbs/yd3. Reduced bucket and material weight allows for increased loading capacities. Light material buckets are typically used in landscaping, compost, waste management, and agricultural/food processing applications.


Multi-Purpose Loader Buckets

Multi-Purpose Loader Buckets have all the advantages of a conventional loader bucket plus the ability to perform other duties without changing the bucket. Maximum bucket dump height is achieved by opening the clam to dump the material without having to rotate the bucket. The dozer blade is used for precision grading, leveling, back filling and material spreading. The clam/grapple function is used to pick up aggregate dirt, trash, brush, rocks, and debris or allow material to be evenly spread by opening the clam. The clam/grapple function also permits the precise pick and place operations. These features provide an economical multi-tasking attachment.

Central Fabricators (CF®) Light Material Loader Bucket

Rock Buckets

Rock Buckets are for use in mining and quarry applications. Rock Buckets are designed for structural strength and wear-resistance in the most extreme conditions. Increased emphasis is placed on durability and specified usage. Rock Buckets are available in straight, semi-spade and spade nose front edge styles.

This is just a sample of the buckets and attachments we offer. Don't see what you need? Ask a dealer or email We’re proud of our extensive selection and ability to make custom attachments that are exactly what you need.

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